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Crush the Epidemic: Youth becomes change agent after recovery from addiction

Crush the Epidemic: Youth becomes change agent after recovery from addiction

It takes great willpower to overcome substance abuse due to the changes in the brain that trigger cravings and compulsions. Irrespective of the severity of the symptoms and situation, one can achieve sobriety through right support and treatment. The magnitude of drug abuse has magnified to an alarming level across all generations, genders and demographic groups in the United States.

Compared to any other nation, the menace of drugs – both prescription and illegal – has exacerbated beyond imagination in recent times irrespective of stringent measures. It has been found that American teens are twice more likely to use illicit drugs than European adolescents. Heroin remains one of the biggest problems for the authorities with the number of the drug users tripling from 2003 to 2014. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to drugs and addiction has been proving to be a major hurdle in seeking recovery.

Nick Morgan’s journey from addiction to recovery

Stories of recovery from addiction often inspire others to seek addiction treatment. Sobriety didn’t come easily for Nick Morgan, 24. And then not only he recovered from his addiction, but took a bigger step to help others rid of the problem. He founded Crush the Epidemic, an awareness and outreach group to deal with drug menace. His story of success is particularly motivating for others as he won over his addiction after three attempts of rehab.

It is quite inspiring to note that Morgan has remained clean from alcohol and drugs for almost three years. Talking about his journey from addiction to recovery, he said that earlier nobody wanted to talk with him and now families are seeking his help in the recovery of their kids from addiction. He has become a crusader against substance abuse and is scheduled to conduct a recovery tour with motivational rapper Tw1tch.

Morgan grew up in a family where he got all the comforts of life, but he got stuck in the wrong company. He started to smoke weed in the seventh grade and got suspended in the school for indulging in drinking. His parents sent him to a boot camp to distract his mind from drugs and alcohol, but he continued to take them. He went into depression when he saw his friends doing good jobs and starting families. Besides being overweight, he was developing a violent behavior. His parents kicked him out of the house and he started to sell drugs.

After some time, he realized that he required to change; unfortunately, his addiction only grew with time. He started taking Vicodin, Percocets, morphine and heroin. At the height of drug addiction, he also tried committing suicide. In his first attempt at getting clean, he spent 60 days in a Florida-based rehab. However, he remained unsuccessful. Thereafter, he realized that enough is enough and promised himself to get rid of addiction.

He returned to Florida and completed an inpatient detoxification program. The death of a woman as a result of heroin overdose inspired him to go to a rehab third time. This time, he successfully completed the 12-step program and detoxed. After that he got a job and started earning.

Effective treatment

The road to recovery often includes pitfalls, bumps and setbacks. By analyzing the problem and thinking about recovery, a person is already on his or her way to a drug-free life. Chronic and persistent abuse of drugs and alcohol leads to addiction, which increases dependence and cravings for the substance of abuse. In the battle against drug abuse, it is essential to remain determined and positive despite cravings.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, do not be afraid or ashamed of reaching out for help. The Texas Substance Abuse Helpline can help you reclaim sobriety. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-971-2658 or chat online with our representative to locate the best substance abuse treatment centers in Texas that offer customized treatment plans.