The greatest journey starts with a single call.

Texas Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline

Substance abuse is a dead end leading to financial and social decay and robbing life of its simple pleasures. Addiction is a desperate attempt to find pleasure that instead leads only to a life of suffering. Without help, people are unable to break the chains of addiction. However….

There is help available! Contact us to find the help and guidance to need to claim victory over your despair

The greatest journey starts with a single call.

How can we help?

Our staff is dedicated to keeping the Texas Substance Abuse Helpline abreast of the commonly abused drugs, their symptoms and the various ways these addictions are treated. This is important for letting the public know what can be facing them and their loved ones in times of crisis. Drug addiction is a powerful force draining our world of financial, psychological and physical resources. This makes substance abuse a public health concern and this helpline is here to help fight the problem. Call to talk to a member of our team to find out more about:

  • Safe methods of detox
  • Different effective therapies to help make sure recovery lasts
  • Where to find continued support and care after leaving a treatment programs
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